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THE PARCEL OF ROGUES NOW TAKING BOOKINGS FOR 2015. We are not the same old "same old". If you are looking for a really good band, then give us a call. We are available for pubs, clubs, weddings parties and festivals! === Cool as Folk! ===

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Parcel Of Rogues

PARCEL OF ROGUES is an approved band.

Band Details

Genre : Folk Roots Rock

Gigall Friendly Rating : 0/10 What does this rating mean?

Town : Aberdare

Contact : Mel Crew

Telephone : 07891175089

Email Address :

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The Parcel Of Rogues are a Folk Rock band playing an eclectic mix of folk, roots, and rock based music.
The repertoire is widely diverse, from driving foot stompers to slow atmospheric ballads, with a selection of traditional & Irish folk songs, plus a wide range in between!
All performed with excellent musicianship, vocal harmonies and peppered with a great deal of fun, they are always well received by their audiences.

The band likes to get the audience involved, singing & dancing, and are not a ‘finger in the ear’ type of band by any means!
The most frequently heard comments about the band: "What a breath of fresh air these guys are - definitely not the same old, same-old!"
=== COOL AS FOLK! ===