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The biggest sounding rock duo on the circuit Half Men - Half Machine - F****** super quality sound and energy To Book Call 07986 459768

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BANJAXED is an approved band.

Band Details

Genre : Classic Rock & Blues covers & originals

Gigall Friendly Rating : 0/10 What does this rating mean?

Town : swansea

Contact : paul rees

Telephone : 07986459768

Email Address :


Banjaxed - we are a 'ballsy' and energetic rock/pop duo playing a wide range of music from 70's to now including covers by the likes of Steve Earl, John Hiatt, Fleetwood Mac, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bruce Springsteen, Foo Fighters, the Cars, the Hooters, Rolling Stones, REM and others. We both sing/harmonise and play a range of electric and acoustic instruments - come see us its really interesting. We have a great sound too. We also do some lovely acoustic stuff after the end of the electric show - usually when time has been called so you can walk home mellow and not start killing one another

Likes: Good small sweaty pubs with enthusiastic audiences, Beer Festivals and events, audience participation - after all its an interactive event - what you give is what you get.

Dislikes: Clubland unless the club in particular has a recognised 'rock' night. (Allergy alert - bingo and crisps/committee men - most have over inflated egos - if you are different call us! We don't do Elvis/Rock and Roll or play Is This The Way to Amarillo!!!)