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The Switch

Band Details

Band Name : The Switch

Band ID : 318

Genre : Classic/Modern Rock Covers

Gigall Friendly Rating : 7/10 What does this rating mean?

Year Hits : 751

Month Hits : 133

Week Hits : 12

Town : Cardiff

Contact : Rory Mcglasson

Telephone : 02920844157

Mobile : 07947682433

Email Address :


The Switch have risen like a golden,diamond encrusted,phoenix from the ashes of two of South Wales' best and most popular live cover bands. The best aspects of both "No Alibi" and "Frantic" have come together to form a cover band that provides great music for all. From Cream and Pink Floyd to Kings Of Leon and The Killers there is something for everyone,all played in a mist of lights and lasers for the total rock experience!
Well that was some three years ago, and what a three years they have been.
The band started strongly and have gone from strength to strength.
We now have a finely honed and wide range of songs to build our set from.
This allows us to tailor it to meet any occasions needs. We have also invested in the best equipment so a Switch gig sounds and looks as good as it can get.
If you haven't yet seen The Switch come along we're sure if you like quality music and a dance you won't be disappointed!

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